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Next Generation Networks Transformations Solutions

SPACEWIDE is one-stop-shop of Next Generation Networks and Network Transformation Technology.

We partner with the best Next Gen Network vendors in the world, and select the best network elements and components that meet the high standards of 3GPP compliance, CapEx and OpeEx feasibility, with high experience, to build the best end-to-end solution.

Our Network portfolio consists of:

Evolved Radio Access Network (RAN) with evolved architecture based on native cloud virtualization technology that enables the RAN to adapt based on utilization, usage and coverage.

Evolved Packet Core (EPC), fully virtualized all-IP architecture with separation of control plane and user plane traffic, comprises: MME (Mobility Management Entity), SGW (Serving Gateway), PGW (PDN Gateway), HSS (Home Subscriber Server), ANDSF (Access Network Discovery and Selection Function) and ePDG (Evolved Packet Data Gateway).

IMS Core for all network access types, virtualized, with common previsioning and management system to deliver voice and multimedia services across any network access (LTE, WiFi, and eventually 5G) including VoLTE, VoWiFi, and RCS 5 solutions based on NFV-based architectures.

The IMS Core product consists of a Serving Call Session Control Function (S-CSCF), Interrogating Call Session Control Function (I-CSCF), Border Gateway Control Function (BGCF) components, Cession Border Control (CBS) and Telephony Application Server (TAS). Broadband Value Added Solutions

Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Data & Voice Off-loading Solutions, Voice over Wi-Fi  (VoWi-Fi), Rich Communication Suits (RCS5),

Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) and Converged Value Added Service (CVAS).

Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) Solution

EIR is the network element that keeps a list of mobile phone devices, identified by their IMEI, which are to be banned from the network or to be monitored.


Telecommunication Regulatory Authorities implement national central EIR solution, for the following reasons:

  • Fight crime and combat theft of mobile phone devices, by allow tracking of stolen mobile devices, ban them from the network locally and internationally.

  • Recover tax and combat tax evasion due to illegal import of mobile devices

  • Combat ingenuine mobile devices in the market to protect health, safety and security of the community as well as enhance the quality of service of network service providers.

  • Improve customer experience, increase brand awareness and maximize revenues of the individual mobile service providers


In addition to blocking stolen devices (maintain Black, While & Gray lists), Central EIR add extra valuable functions:

  • Locking SIM cards to particular devices

  • Locking subsidized mobile devices to SIM cards, ensuring tariff plans are adhered to

  • Expose mobile device make and model to external service applications, to enable specialized handset type-related-services

  • Provide detailed fraud and market reports about subscribers and mobile devices utilization.

  • Automatically detect changes to mobile numbers, equipment and SIM cards, for fraudulent monitoring by detecting high SIM card swap rates.

  • Enable intelligent marketing campaigns, for instance to particular handset types.

  • Connection with other government entities such as National ID database, Traffic Authority, low enforcement authorities, health authorities etc, to allow specialized services and applications

  • Allow sending SMS notifications to inbound roamers and particular SIM/device combinations, for example: send SMS welcome messages to roaming subscribers.

Value Added Services

Value-Added Services term in telecommunication industry indicates

to set of services which add revenue to MNO and add differentiation

against other competing MNOs.

SPACEWIDE has variety of legacy VAS, in addition to 4G VAS:

  • Enterprise Messaging Services 

  • Location Based Services

  • TAS-based Value Added Services

  • One SIM & Multiple Number 

  • Multi Device & One Number

  • Intelligent Roaming: Visitor Local Number

  • Intelligent Roaming: Cross Border Multi-line

  • Intelligent Number Translator

  • Advertisements Sponsored Calls

  • Caller Name ID

  • Global Virtual Private Network 

  • Missed Call Ads

  • Missed Call Notifications

  • Dynamic Discount Management

  • Safe Driving: ability to block calls, SMS, and even Data  when driver is in motion

All above are just an examples, SPACEWIDE has the capability of development VAS upon customer request.

Please contact us to discuss your business requirements.


Cell Broadcast messaging is a mobile technology feature defined by the ETSI’s GSM committee and is part of the 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G standards. 

Cell Broadcast is designed for simultaneous delivery to multiple users in a specified area, and described as a one-to-many geographically focused messaging service.


Cell Broadcast is not affected by traffic load, therefore, it is especially usable during a disaster when load spikes of Data (Social media and Mobile app), regular SMS and Voice calls usage tend to significantly slowdown mobile networks, as multiple events showed e.g. 2016 Brussels bombings, Paris attacks, 2017 London attacks, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

Wireless Emergency Alerts and Government alerts using Cell broadcast technology are natively supported in every Apple handset running IOS 6 and higher and every Android handset running Android Kitkat 4.4 and higher. Mobile Smart Phones have a standard configuration menu to enable/disable the receiving of Cell Broadcast messages.

Cell Broadcast Solution

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