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SPACEWIDE is an innovation-based technology provider and solution integrator founded by energetic, enthusiastic & ambitious IT & telecommunication professionals who believe in innovation as the way to excellence.

SPACEWIDE is specialized in Next Generation Telecommunication Networks, Security Solutions and Digital Transformation Solutions and Applications.

SPACEWIDE assures the best selected products and solutions under its portfolio, hence, our customer benefits one-stop-shop technology partner with the best technology in the market, supported by specialized professional consultancy and professional services capabilities that are distinctively engineered to enrich SPACEWIDE customer’s experience, assure customer’s profitability and differentiation among competitors.

Software Development, Digital transformation, 4G/5G Network Solutions, NG Value Added Services, Network Security, Internet of Things Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Big data Analytic, Chatbots, Blockchain Applications & Mobile Applications are our expertise.

Network Solutions

4G and 5G Network Transformation Solutions

One place for full 4G and 5G Networks (Core & Radio) transformation  solutions and services.

4G & 5G Radio Access, 4G Core (vEPC & IMS) Core, ePDG and 5G Core.

CRM, Mediation, Rating, Billing, Online and Offline Charging, Policy & Voucher Management Solutions.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi), Wi-Fi Data & Voice Offloading, Rich Communications Services (RCS), WebRTC and TAS based Value Added Services.

Network transformation solutions are supported by professional network design and consultancy services.

Mobile Radio Access & Transmission Solutions

4G & 5G Radio Access Network Solutions, Microwave backhaul and Fiber Optic backbone Transmission Solutions.


Satellite Communication Solutions

Broadband connectivity with C, KU & KA Bands to support fixed and mobile private network solutions that are interoperable with terrestrial communications infrastructure.

Central Equipment Identity Register Solution

CEIR is national mobile handset registration solution allow regulatory authorities to control the handsets in the country, design and apply certain policies and enjoy detailed statistical information on the mobile handsets in the country.

Network Value Added Services

Variety of legacy and NG network value added services, supported by professional Software research and development capability for new value added services innovations and customizations.

Cell Broadcast Solution

Cell Broadcast is location-based alert systems. Latest generation of Cell Broadcast

Systems are capable to send a Cell Broadcast alert message up to 500,000 cells in less than 10 seconds, reaching millions of Mobile subscribers in a matter of seconds.

Such capability makes Cell Broadcast the best public alert system against natural disasters  and public security threats.

Security Solutions

Data is the most precious asset of today’s world. Billions of dollars are spent every year to assure networks security to keep business data safe.

Today’s world is fully dependent on computers for controlling telecommunication networks, large money transfers between banks, markets, insurance, electrical power distribution, health & medical sectors, space research and satellites, that security cannot be negotiated in these critical fields.

As the complexity of the systems and the networks are increasing, vulnerabilities are also increasing and the task of securing the networks is becoming more complex.

This makes Security an essential part of today’s businesses, as well as of SPACEWIDE’s.

SPACEWIDE Security Solutions are covering the following areas:

  • Messaging Security

  • SS7 Security

  • Messaging App Security

  • Cyber Security

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security

  • Secured Communications

  • Network Monitoring & Intelligence

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test 


Services, Solutions

& Applications

The world today is rushing headlong to digital transformation to become digital.

Digital transformation is a complex blend includes revolution technology, new ways

of interaction with others & things, new strategies, new business performance, new processes and new ways of doing things.

The world is living the revolution of data, where all digital technologies especially telecommunications are developing in the one direction: to serve the needs of the increasing data. 

We at SPACEWIDE, are creating values at new frontiers, where we understand the

business side of the digital transformation process and technology, by identifying

and developing new business in order to be able to go after new values of existing

and emerging industrial sectors. 

We at SPACEWIDE are firmly commit and are closely attuned to how our customer

decisions journey is evolving in the broadest sense, which means understanding how customer behaviors and expectations are developing inside and outside his business

sector, which is crucial to getting ahead of trends that can deliver values. We know

how digital capabilities can design and deliver the best experience, across all business sectors and ultimately how customer is betters served.

SPACEWIDE Digital Services, Solutions and Applications are covering the following


·  Software Development Services

·  Mobile Apps Development

·  Blockchain Solutions & Applications

·  Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

·  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

·  ChatBots Applications

·  Robotic Process Automation Solutions

·  Big Data Analytics Solutions & Application

Professional Services

We, at SPACEWIDE, support our customer with professional services as part of our comprehensive solution proposition.

Our professional services:

  • Technical Solution Engineering

  • Specialized Technical Resourcing

We firmly believe that successful professional services are essential part of overall successful solution and they bridge the last mile of excellence in our innovation journey.

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