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Security Solutions


SS7 Security

Hackers can essentially have access to the same amount of information and snooping capabilities in SS7 networks. 

Hackers can transparently forward calls, record or listen to them,

read SMS messages sent between phones, and track the location of a phone using the same system that the phone networks are using to keep the constant services available (phone calls, texts and data services).

SS7 Security Solution combats hackers, secure GSM Network and assure user personal security.


Messaging Security.jpg

Legacy Messaging Security

Messaging Anti-Spam, Phishing Solutions

Messaging User Control

Messaging Content Filtering

Messaging Firewall: MT Interception


Application Security.jpg

Messaging App Security

With the momentum created by building large communities of users and incredible popularity of Messaging Apps, the risk of threats crossing over from conventional text messaging is surely coming as a next logical step of spammers and fraudsters, hence,  App Providers need to address this threat head on.

Using traffic controls, user reputation and advanced threat detection algorithms, allows App Providers to identify and block both new and cross-over threats, enabling the use of their Apps to grow unhindered and reach their full potential.



Web Security

Internet service providers need to protect their subscribers from web threats: dealing with malware, adult and illegal content and cybercriminals. 

With Web Protection solutions ISP can be secured with a scalable, network-based solution, delivering fast, subscriber-level, policy-based control over the web traffic passing through ISP network, and detailed visibility of the threats affecting their subscribers, combining categorization, malware, phishing and botnet feeds, keeping all subscribers safe when using the web.



Cyber Security

Cyber security solutions help organizations protect mission critical infrastructure from vulnerabilities including malware, spam, DDoS, Cryptomissing attacks, Zero-Day exploits and data exfiltration via DNS (Domain Name Server) tunneling.

Security solutions enable organization visualize vulnerabilities, detect animalities in DNS traffic, alert on security attacks in near real-time, issue reports related to attack and provide third party risk management.


IOT Security 2.jpg

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Effectively detect threats such as DDOS and enforce protection for the billions of connected devices within the Internet of Things system.

Protecting sensors and hundreds of millions of connected devices at massive scale, for fixed, mobile and other networks, and in real-time.



Secure Communications

Secure communications solution for voice, video, messaging and data on everyday smartphones, tablets and Windows 10 desktops, in partnership with Armour Communications the leading secured communications technology provider.

Supplying Government, Enterprise and Finance markets around the world, with an easy to use, intuitive app, downloadable from the app stores and compatible across Android, iOS and Windows 10, with optional PBX integration for enterprise landline connection.

Delivering advanced security techniques and functionality for a highly scalable cloud-based service or an on-premises solution providing customers complete control and privacy of their communications.


Armour’s product offerings include FIPS, NATO and CPA approved solutions to Offecial - Sensitive, with additional security layers to mitigate threats up to SECRET.


Network Security 

Secure voice and messaging application.

Secure file transfer: high encryption for file transfer.

Token and biometric: secure access card and finger prints.

Root certificate and management systems for security certification for

e-government and web portal applications.


Full Network Monitoring & Intelligence Solutions are available.


We are happy to hear your business requirements and help you to translate them into success.


Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test (VAPT)

VAPT is a method to perform security assessment on a network system used by an organization.

It involves variety of methodologies designed to explore the network or the application to identify potential vulnerabilities and test to ensure the vulnerabilities are real.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is the process of scanning on the system, software or network, using automated scanning methodologies, to find out the weakness and loophole that can can provide access to the organization assets.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the next step after vulnerability assessment. Penetration testing is to try to exploit the system in authorized manner to find out the possible exploits in the system. In penetration testing, the tester has authority to do penetration testing and intently exploit the system and find out possible exploits.

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